Filter Tube (Replacement)

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The replacement Filter Tube is part of the 2-Stage Pre-Sediment Filter Kit found on all Non-Electric and 12VDC Envirolet® models and on some 120VAC Envirolet® models. It filters for solids before excess liquid drains from the Envirolet®.

The Filter Tube should be cleaned or replaced regularly (once a year ideally) to prevent the drain from getting clogged.

Includes Filter Tube, with Filter Cloth, only.

Some Things To Consider As You Choose Your Envirolet® System


  • All systems are available in 12VDC and AC Electric. Some systems are available Non-Electric.
  • We recommend to opt for an AC Electric system if power is available.

Waterless or Low Water

  • There are waterless and low water flush systems available.
  • The choice can be a personal preference or may be dependent on certain installation requirements.


  • All systems come with what is required for a basic installation (except for rigid 10cm/4" vent pipe to complete the venting in remote systems).
  • At time of system purchase it is a good idea to consider adding some accessories such as soil additives (Compost Accelerator, Compost Power, Daily Mix, etc.) to save on future shipping costs.
Be sure to ask us if you have any questions!